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Thank you staff for my amazing gifts!

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This year my staff really surprised me with amazing, super-thoughtful gifts! It’s like they read my mind or something. 

Thank you Dr. Khela for the gift certificate for any blow out at The Dry Bar. For anyone that’s not familiar with what a “blow out” is . . . it’s awesome. The Dry Bar is an ultra-posh salon where you go and get your hair styled with all the best tools, products and did I mention . . . champagne?! Yes. I am so ready for some pampering. ♡

For anyone that knows me in real life or through social media . . . I’m pretty sure you know I’m addicted to taking photos. I’ve been eyeing the Instamax for some time now. Thank you Ramona, Nicole, Kisu, Jeni, Emily & Araceli for such a thoughtful gift! AND in the color that I love: turquoise. Yes. Plan on seeing some great pics posted on instagram very soon. ♡

With love + gratitude,

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    Dr. Gill is also a member of the Ocular Surface Society of Optometry. In addition to her Doctor of Optometry, Dr. Gill also has a BA in Integrative Biology and a BS in Vision Science, both from UC Berkeley. Go Bears!
    In 2015, Dr. Gill developed and founded We Love Eyes, which is a green cosmetics company that produces eyelid and eyelash cleansing products that are natural, non-toxic, and vegan.

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