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6 Fun & Amazingly Practical Fitting Tips. Because, Rad Glasses.

Shopping for glasses can be like shopping for new jeans. First of all, coffee. You definitely need to be in the right mindset. My patients will often walk in with a frame style they like from a photo they saw on the internet. Sometimes what works well for them – might be a look only […]

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When You Want A Pony But Settle For 10 Pairs of Rad Glasses Instead

This month comes to an end after a successful Get Rad Glasses Event last night. A humble thank you to our Oakland community for supporting our small business and caring about the health of their eyes. Enjoy that free Zeiss Blue Protect Coating which will protect your eyes against harmful blue light that comes from […]

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Let’s Talk About Acne Rosacea & 3 Natural Ways to Manage the Facial Condition

Acne Rosacea is a condition of the facial skin that affects about 15% of my patients. Some of my patients have the more obvious symptoms of facial redness, pimples, visible blood vessels and thickened bumpy skin. However, most of my patients have milder symptoms – which makes it more challenging to diagnose.  Although Acne Rosacea doesn’t have an official cure, my […]

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