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Eye Love Glasses. Our Top 10 Rad Glasses for the Month.

Here’s the scoop on what our glasses have been up to this past month! Enjoy, xo   1. Sunnies that scream Girls Rule. 2. Our glasses turn frowns upside down. 3. Glasses that blur the line between want and need. 4. Bringing out your inner selfie. 5. Feb 31st isn’t make believe. It’s wood. 6. […]

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Top 10 Glasses that Killed It.

#10. Green is the thing.  #9. Big is the new black. #8. Mind blown. #7. Mad libs and props. #6. Repeated messages, xoxo. #5. Glasses, the best photo filter. #4. Dubnation. 3. Find your inner hipster. #2. 1,000 words. #1. Comfort zone expanded. Stay tuned for more fabulous looks in few weeks! xo, Dr. Gill […]

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