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Life in the Dark Lane with Dr. Viola Kanevsky. We Love Eyes interviews a kick-ass female entrepreneur, Part 1

Meet Dr. Viola Kanevsky, fabulous optometrist to children and adults behaving like children in NYC. We interrupted her busy day and asked her a few questions about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and a regular rock star to so many children. And when I say rock star, I mean capital ROCK STAR. When I have […]

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Tight. Short. Medium. Long. All blokes and their beards welcome.

I have a thing for beards. There. I said it. My husband has one and I just love it.  My husband looks great in his ic berlin glasses and his sunglasses too. Maybe it’s the beard. Maybe it’s the glasses. Very likely it’s the combination — beards and glasses go really well together. A beard […]

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