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When You Want A Pony But Settle For 10 Pairs of Rad Glasses Instead

This month comes to an end after a successful Get Rad Glasses Event last night. A humble thank you to our Oakland community for supporting our small business and caring about the health of their eyes. Enjoy that free Zeiss Blue Protect Coating which will protect your eyes against harmful blue light that comes from […]

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Girl Next Door with Dr. Suzette Blahnik. We Love Eyes interviews a kick-ass female entrepreneur, Part 2

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. Meet the fabulous Dr. Suzette Blahnik, the girl next door who opened hers and never looked back. What does the girl next door pack for her journey to become a kick-ass entrepreneur? Not makeup. Not fancy clothes. Not designer shoes. Not the typical things you […]

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Bora Bora. The ultimate color vision test.

I recently returned from my honeymoon in Bora Bora. Before I left, I had seen photos on the Internet and really thought that the photos were photoshopped. What’s funny is that Bora Bora seems photoshopped even in person.  I realized it’s because my eyes and my brain have never experienced color like that before. My […]

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