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Girl Next Door with Dr. Suzette Blahnik. We Love Eyes interviews a kick-ass female entrepreneur, Part 2

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. Meet the fabulous Dr. Suzette Blahnik, the girl next door who opened hers and never looked back. What does the girl next door pack for her journey to become a kick-ass entrepreneur? Not makeup. Not fancy clothes. Not designer shoes. Not the typical things you […]

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In Just 40 seconds, Glamoptometrist Shows Us How to Remove & Clean False Lashes

As an eye doctor, false lashes are not by BFF.  Let me explain. Once a woman puts on false lashes, all rules about removing eye makeup, sleeping in eye makeup and cleaning those falsies seems to fall out of a 10 story window. To die. My patients come in with the grossest looking eyelids. Think: bacteria. […]

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Tight. Short. Medium. Long. All blokes and their beards welcome.

I have a thing for beards. There. I said it. My husband has one and I just love it.  My husband looks great in his ic berlin glasses and his sunglasses too. Maybe it’s the beard. Maybe it’s the glasses. Very likely it’s the combination — beards and glasses go really well together. A beard […]

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