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Top 10 Glasses that Killed It.

#10. Green is the thing.  #9. Big is the new black. #8. Mind blown. #7. Mad libs and props. #6. Repeated messages, xoxo. #5. Glasses, the best photo filter. #4. Dubnation. 3. Find your inner hipster. #2. 1,000 words. #1. Comfort zone expanded. Stay tuned for more fabulous looks in few weeks! xo, Dr. Gill […]

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Our top 10. Framing innocent people in downtown Oakland for over 40 years.

Here are the top 10 rounded up for this month. And they are awesome!   Want to be included in next month’s top 10? Stop by and we will take some pics. It will appear if you make the list! The only requirement is that you got your glasses at your favorite optometry office . […]

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Seeing spots? You came to the right place.

Seeing spots in your vision and webMD wasn’t really helpful or comforting? It’s probably prudent to see an optometrist who can properly provide a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.  Here’s why. I’ve heard so many different explanations for the same diagnosis. Based on my 16 years of clinical experience, “spots in my vision” can be […]

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