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Top 10 Glasses that Killed It.

#10. Green is the thing.  #9. Big is the new black. #8. Mind blown. #7. Mad libs and props. #6. Repeated messages, xoxo. #5. Glasses, the best photo filter. #4. Dubnation. 3. Find your inner hipster. #2. 1,000 words. #1. Comfort zone expanded. Stay tuned for more fabulous looks in few weeks! xo, Dr. Gill […]

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Our glasses + your face = your new look.

Too cool for school? Or so cool, you need them for school!  Although it doesn’t feel like work, because we love it – we work to provide new, exciting and hard-to-find glasses from around the world.  Here’s some of our glasses: ic! berlin from Germany. Masunaga from Japan. Etnia Barcelona from Spain. orgreen optics from […]

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