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*A MUST READ* Organic ? Bunny blogs about We Love Eyes and why baby shampoo for eyelid scrubs is bad to the bone!!

WE LOVE EYES ORGANIC EYE CLEANSING REVIEW One of the main reasons I made the switch to toxin-free beauty products and skin care was because I was sick and tired of my favorite beauty products causing me serious eye and skin irritations. My sunless tanners were causing my skin to itch so badly that I […]

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WANDER WITH LOVE by Erika. Just bloggin’ & braggin’ about We Love Eyes.

Hi everyone!           This year I’ve tried to be more conscious about skin care and the products I put on my face. I feel that its really important to use organic products that wont be too harsh on your skin and that will keep it healthy. A while ago I discovered […]

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