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WANDER WITH LOVE by Erika. Just bloggin’ & braggin’ about We Love Eyes.

Hi everyone!           This year I’ve tried to be more conscious about skin care and the products I put on my face. I feel that its really important to use organic products that wont be too harsh on your skin and that will keep it healthy. A while ago I discovered […]

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WE LOVE EYES | MAKEUP REMOVER REVIEW by Tiffany DeSilva of The Allure Diaries

///Check out The Allure Diaries for more fabulous content on beauty and fashion./// Sometimes as a women we flip through hundreds of blog posts, magazine articles, and youtube videos telling us the laundry list of products we need in our ‘night time routine’. I used to be one of those girls who avoided multi use products […]

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My favorite sandwich recipe. It’s vegan!

My favorite sandwich is this one photographed above by the talented @lindaysb.  It’s packed full of veggies and beautiful color. I’ve made a couple for my husband and he loves them as well, yay! Here’s what you will need: 2 slices of lightly toasted bread of your choice, I use a sprouted grain. HOPE foods hummus, original […]

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