Clear Vision: The Ultimate Superpower

Clear vision plays a critical role in your child’s learning process, both inside and outside the classroom. When your child’s vision is compromised, it can hinder their development and their ability to learn.

Yearly eye exams allow your optometrist to ensure that your child’s eyes are working properly and staying healthy, helping them reach their full potential.

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Children’s Vision Problems

Children aren’t always able to tell us that something is wrong, so it is vital that parents and caregivers look for signs of vision problems in their children. Diagnosing and managing vision problems early is critical for your child’s visual development and can help them learn more effectively.

If you suspect your child might be experiencing difficulties with their sight, they should see their optometrist for an eye exam as soon as possible.

Children’s Eye Exam Schedule

The American Optometric Association suggests that children have their first eye exam between the ages of 6 and 12 months. They should have their eyes checked again before they begin first grade and annually after that. Your optometrist may suggest that your child visit more frequently than once per year, depending on their unique needs.

When was your child’s last eye exam?

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