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A Perfect Day on Broadway – 5 Great Spots for Food, Shopping & Fun. – written by guest blogger @4725magazine for www.localwisejobs.com

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Soooo, while I say this is the perfect day on Broadway, it’s more like on andaround Broadway. However, that doesn’t have such a nice ring to it, does it? What can I say, #poeticlicense?! Anyhow, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s begin our day on the sunny side of the Bay right with…

1.  An East Coast meets West Coast breakfast – Authentic Bagel Co., 2nd at Broadway.

  Photo credit: @4725magazine   Instagram
Photo credit: @4725magazine Instagram

Offering chewy, dense and flavorful bagels with a plethora of in house plussed up cream cheeses – not to mention their newer sandwich menu and coffee courtesy of Roast Co. – I couldn’t recommend starting your day off filling up here enough.

  Photo credit: @authentic_bagelco   Instagram
Photo credit: @authentic_bagelco Instagram

May I personally recommend the Everything Bagel with the Vegetable Cream Cheese (and maybe some gum for after you’ve finished eating) or, the Best in the West breakfast sandwich on the bagel of your preference WITH bacon. Equal parts spicy, creamy, cheesy and 100% delicious.

Side note: Even though I just ate dinner as I write this, I could totally eat one of these sandwiches right now. Too good.

2. Stock up on delightful, perfect giftables – Marion and Rose’s Workshop, 9th at Broadway.

  Photo credit: @4725magazine   Instagram
Photo credit: @4725magazine Instagram

Take a leisurely stroll 7 blocks up Broadway, or take the this free shuttle if you’re so inclined, to Marion and Rose.

Here you will find a beautiful curation of trinkets, paper goods (it’s a great place to buy a few greetings cards to keep on hand for spontaneous thank you’s or that birthday you’re going to accidentally forget), jewelry, homewares and all around fine American made goods.

  Photo credit: @marionandrose   Instagram
Photo credit: @marionandrose Instagram

Beautifully laid out, this store has a minimal yet cozy feel and everything for sale – from a delicate watercolor, to hand embroidered tablewares (see the Eko Kreations table runner above, *swoon*), to an air plant placed in a hand spun mini pot – is artfully positioned. Pieces shine brightly on their own, yet seamlessly fit together as a collection.

I could while away hours taking in each carefully crafted item in this store and I always leave with at least one thing. Let’s be honest, it’s more often than not a gift for myself, but this store is the perfect place to find a unique gift for someone else special in your life.

3. You’re right, you do need a new pair of jeans – Maple Street Denim9th at Broadway. 

  Photo credit: @maplestreetdenim   Instagram
Photo credit: @maplestreetdenim Instagram

Because now that you’ve bought something pretty for your home, and digested that bagel, it’s time to deck yourself out. You don’t have to travel far as Maple Street Denim is located just to the left of Marion and Rose if you’re heading from Broadway.

Specializing in ethically sound, sustainably manufactured quality denim and stylish everyday basics – think well cut t-shirts, abstract patterned leggings & dresses and woolen button downs – this is the place to hit up the next time you (both boys and girls) need a new pair of jeans.

  Photo credit: @4725magazine   Instagram
Photo credit: @4725magazine Instagram

With a heavy focus on local love, items from San Francisco based clothiers Nooworks and Northern California jewelry makers Kris Nations can be found for sale side by side with other all American clothing, accessories and premium denim. They also display the work of local artists including the current show “Rodeo Girl”, seen above, by Alison Tharp.

The staff are awesomely helpful. Jeans shopping can be one of my least favorite activities, but with their assistance and expertise I left with a perfect pair, a smile on my face and an awesome, FREE re-usable tote bag to boot.

  Photo credit: @maplestreetdenim   Instagram
Photo credit: @maplestreetdenim Instagram

4. OK, now it’s time for an eye exam – Oakland Vision CenterBroadway at 20th 

  Photo credit: @4725magazine   Instagram
Photo credit: @4725magazine Instagram

Yep, you heard us right. Taking care of an annual eye check up might not be something you usually consider funbut this establishment will have you feeling otherwise.

The epitome of a local, employee-first business, Oakland Vision Center boasts a beyond helpful, personality filled, enthusiastic and expert staff. I went in for a quick exam and ended up spending almost 3 hours with them chatting, going through what must’ve been almost every frame in the store that they thought would suit me and taking photos. See above, that pic was a #4725magxOaklandVisionCenter collab!

  Photo credit: @OaklandVisionCenter   Instagram
Photo credit: @OaklandVisionCenter Instagram

Next time you’re in need of an eye exam, consider this fine team. You’ll leave with a unique set of frames – they stock some extremely style forward brands– and having made some new friends. Cool glasses, cooler ladies – who could resist that combo?!

  Photo credit: @OaklandVisionCenter   Instagram
Photo credit: @OaklandVisionCenter Instagram

5. Time for a donut, you’ve earned it – Donut SavantBroadway at 19th 

  Photo credit: @DonutSavant   Instagram
Photo credit: @DonutSavant Instagram

It’s been a few, very busy hours since you ate that bagel and you need an early afternoon snack. Not just a snack, but a delectable – maybe glazed – morsel that will result in the perfect sugar high. This is where Donut Savant can help you out.

  Photo credit: @DonutSavant   Instagram
Photo credit: @DonutSavant Instagram

With a daily assortment of fresh, more cake-like donuts as well as other sweet tooth satisfiers – think upscale, homemade Oreo’s – don’t (really wanted to say “donut”, but refrained) be fooled by the modest exterior of this place. One bite in you’ll learn this isn’t your average donut shop and you’ll be hooked, trying to fight the urge to visit them daily. Which, if your metabolism can handle it – unfortunately mine can’t  – please do. Just get there before 3pm. If not, you’ll be waiting outside until they open again at 8am the next day!

About the Blogger @4725magazine

4725magazine is an Oakland based lifestyle blog that primarily covers style and fashion, good eats, photography and travel – with a heavy emphasis on local love. 4725magazine is run by Gemma N. Greenhill who is originally from the UK but has been living in the US for ten years. She has called Oakland home for the past five years. “So many fashion and lifestyle blogs are based out of San Francisco,” says Gemma. “I wanted to showcase an Oaklanders POV on life, style and everything my world class side of the bay has to offer.” You can follow 4725magazine on Instagram and Twitter

 Gemma is wearing  @laeyeworks  from  Oakland Vision Center .
Gemma is wearing @laeyeworks from Oakland Vision Center .

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