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3 Ways to Stay Cool During This California Heat Wave (when you have no air conditioning!)

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It was 93 degrees this past weekend in Oakland, CA . . . and I have to say that I was kinda melting on the inside. I don’t have air conditioning in my house, so I was hot-angry by the time the afternoon came around. Here are 3 really easy ways to stay cool when Las Vegas weather hits.


I pretty much forget about cooking with any appliance that requires heat. My staple hot day, cool down is a very simple watermelon and mint slice up. If your hair is wet (see #2), even better. Make sure your watermelon has been in the fridge overnight. Who wants to eat a room temperature melon? Nobody does, so don’t do it.

My sister-in-law taught me a new way to slice up watermelon . . . in long pieces so they are much easier to grab and eat. This is great for kids who are super whiney on hot days, so perfect. Just cut your watermelon into a box shape, cut off the edges/rind and slice into symmetrical segments (see pic above). Add a large bunch of finely sliced, fresh, organic mint. Mix together and put into a large bowl. Cover and refrigerate for another hour before serving to make sure it’s super cold. 


If you are female, you’re in luck for this one. It’s a great idea to wash your hair when there’s a heatwave. Hot air rises to the top, meaning if your head is warm, you’ll stay warm. If your head is cold, you’ll stay cool. In this case, you’ll want to wash but not dry your hair. Just towel dry your hair so you’re not dripping water everywhere . . . but essentially leave your hair wet. You’ll feel so much cooler. This is a nice trick right before bedtime too. Just lay a towel on top of your pillow before 99 so it doesn’t get soaked.


I learned this when I was 16 years old and babysitting. It was a hot day so I opened all the drapes and windows. BIG MISTAKE! The hot air just entered the house and when the mom got home, she was very hot-angry at me. Plus her 3 young kids were so cranky from being sticky and uncomfortable all day. And we ate all the popsicles. Ugh. 

So #3 is to remember to keep all of your doors, windows, blinds and drapes completely closed. Don’t let the hot air in and try to keep the cool air from the night before, in. 

BTW, I was a great babysitter. 

Love and ?,

Dr. Tanya Gill


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