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What’s In Your Mascara Wand?!?!

To my mother’s disapproval, I started wearing makeup when I was 12 years old. First it was lip gloss. Then it quickly became mascara. Then eyeliner. Then eye shadow. It was so much fun and like most girls, ingredients were the last thing on my mind. More on this later. For over 20 years, by […]

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Find us on Broadway between 19th and 20th in Oakland’s Uptown district.



  • 1960 Broadway
  • Oakland, CA 94612


M 8:30-1:30, 2:30-5:30
Tu 8:30-1:30, 2:30-5:30
W 8:30-1:30, 2:30-5:30
Th 8:30-1:30, 2:30-5:30
F 8:30-1:30, 2:30-5:30
Sa Closed
Su Closed
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